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Lab Prints

Simply click "Buy" button on desired image.  Pricing for desired size will be listed and printed by Bay Photo in San Francisco.  If desired size is not listed, please contact me directly thru the "Contact" tab.

Fine Art Custom Signed Prints


16" x 20" archival mat; image long dimension 13" - 14".......$150.00

20" x 24" archival mat; image long dimension 17" - 18".......$250.00

Contact for ordering prints and pricing on larger prints.

Shipping and Tennessee sales tax (where applicable) not included.


Contact for pricing based on file size. Unlimited use permitted.


More recent portfolio images are produced from a digital capture with a large sensor camera. Older images from negatives are digitized separately using a high-resolution film scanner.

Each image is individually printed, signed, place in an archival mount and mat, and shipped in a protective plastic cover.

Beautiful color digital prints have been produced for over a decade. With the advent of the Ultrachrome K3 inks, truly magnificent prints can be created.

It has only been in recent years where digital printing of monochrome has produced the exceptional black and white images now achieved. Beautiful fiber based papers similar to those used in the traditional wet darkroom are now produced by several manufacturers.

Prints offered by Ron Addlestone Photography are produced on these fiber base papers using Ultrachrome K3 inks. The stability of these inks when color images are displayed has stability for 75-100 years as calculated by Wilhelm Imaging Research ( http://www.wilhelm-research.com). Longevity of black and white images is reported to be greater than 200 years.

All photographic images, as with any piece of art, should be displayed with care. Avoiding direct sunlight, the use of UV filtering glass, and placing in normal humidity greatly enhances image stability.

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